The photographer shoots incredible photos of a family of ducks!

Glossary Brent Cizek of Minnesota photographs animals in their natural habitat. One day he decided to take some interesting photos near the northern lakes of Minnesota.

Every professional photographer wants to take the most unique photos possible, so Cizek chooses the most difficult locations for his photos. It was very windy that day, says Brent Cizek, and the wind carried his boat down the turbulent river.
He was beginning to give up the notion that he would be able to take some perfect photos that day. But he didn’t give up. He continued driving until he saw an incredible sight ahead.

Image Credit: Brent Cizek
Near the bank stood a duck and only some of her ducklings. Eventually, several of them showed up. And then dozens of ducklings formed in a line behind their mother, ready to cross the river. Brent Cizek got the chance to take the best photo of his life! As the photographer said, the excitement he felt at that moment was incredible.

His heart was beating harder and harder, he had never seen such a fantastic sight. In a single moment, the mother duckling led the column, followed by dozens of her ducklings.

According to Mr. Cizek, there were up to 76 ducklings in the column! It’s probably ducklings from multiple nests, a large mixed family and an amazing mother duck taking care of them all. Really fantastic! The pictures quickly went viral.

An image like this only happens once in a lifetime, and what’s even more appealing is that it all turned out completely unexpectedly. The image of the fantastic mother duck is truly a hero.

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