Photographer Captures An Incredible Encounter Between Grizzly And Wolf!

Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful National Parks in Wyoming, USA. In that place, professional photographer Seth Royal Kroft from Montana took an incredible shot of a meeting between a grizzly bear and a wolf.
This aspiring photographer heard that a grizzly bear had recently hunted a moose, so he wanted to “catch” potentially another grizzly action with his camera.

He woke up at 2 a.m. to arrive before dawn, when mostly grizzlies hunt for their first meal.
However, this is when wolves also go out hunting, so it is assumed that this meeting and one of the most beautiful photos happened just like that. The gray wolf came very close to the grizzly, which was when the photographer got the chance to take the most beautiful picture ever.
The ambiance contributed to the magic of this photo; the sun’s rays broke through the morning fog and illuminated the crystal-clear river.

Seth Royal Kroft has never had the opportunity to get close to wolves before, while he has encountered black bears several times during multi-day camping trips.

He met grizzlies only in this National Park, and for order, he always uses spray that repels bears.
Seth Royal Kroft has been an animal lover since childhood; he loves adrenaline and adventures that can be experienced with wild animals. He chose this fascinating hobby and enjoyed it very much.
If you want to watch the entire match, you can do so on the following video:

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