Ukrainian Woman Leads Disabled And Senior Dogs To Safety!

Nastya Tikhaya is a woman from Ukraine who chose the most beautiful profession, helping animals. This woman is one of several founders of animal shelters located near Kyiv. In the last year, this woman had a lot more work than usual because she helps animals from war-torn areas of Ukraine.

This woman, thanks to her friends and donors from all over the world, helps animals with disabilities but also helps to transfer all animals from war zones to safety.
Arthur Lee is the husband of this brave woman; he helps her every day with abandoned animals. He is her great support; without him, she certainly wouldn’t have this much strength to fight.

The photo from the destroyed city of Irpin, which shows Nastya Tikhaya with several dogs, symbolizes unconditional love that nothing, not even war, can kill.
Russian troops destroyed the bridge over the Irpin river, but Ukrainian territorial defense people were there to help the dogs cross the river.
Most dogs were either disabled or seniors and exhausted by the journey, and they needed to be carried across the river after walking several miles.

When trying to save themselves, people left their homes and pets, and there was simply no room for them. These poor animals have not been left alone, thanks to Nastya and her husband, who cared for them.
When asked why bap decided to care for sick and abandoned animals, Nastya answered that she would never have the heart and strength to leave them. Those poor animals had already been abandoned once, and she wouldn’t have the power to do the same. Without her help, they indeed would not have survived.

The viral photo was shared on her Instagram page.

On her Instagram page, Nastya reports daily on the condition of her dogs and other animals she cares for in these challenging life circumstances.
Nastya is extremely angry with people who could but don’t want to bring their pets with them.
Ultimately, Nastya demonstrated the easiest way to leave the city with dogs and cats. She pointed out that, indeed, any other animal would have survived.

Due to the current war situation, Nastya faces several problems, from the lack of medicines, food, vaccines, and other animal necessities. This is why this humane and brave woman asks everyone who can help her.
Its goal is to transfer abandoned animals to Poland as soon as possible, where another animal organization would take care of them.

However, money is needed to organize transportation.
According to her report, the animals previously sent to Poland were safely placed in safe homes, and their lives were saved.

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