Woman Adopts “Unwanted” Husky with Invasive Nasal Tumor

Patti Dawson, the leader of Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Rehform, has always embraced challenges, especially when it comes to caring for dogs in need. While the organization was initially established to rescue stray dogs from the streets of Dallas, Texas, it has evolved into a refuge for dogs who are unlikely to find adoptive homes. One such case arrived recently from a shelter in San Antonio, and her name is Serenity. What sets Serenity apart is her appearance—a massive tumor has taken over her nasal cavity, eye sockets, and skull.

The tumor has extensively affected the bones in Serenity’s face. Despite the difficult circumstances, Dawson recognized that Serenity deserved a chance at the best life possible, even with the tumor. Dawson recalls, “She gets up, leans over to me with this huge tumor and bends over like dogs do and kisses my face.” In that moment, Dawson knew that they would fight tirelessly to save her, simply because she was still alive.

Serenity has received treatment from an oncologist, an internal medicine specialist, and an intensive care specialist. While she can still see, breathe, and eat, there is unfortunately no cure for the tumor. Although Dawson had hoped for more positive news, she remains committed to loving Serenity and providing her with a good life.

Recently, professional photos of Serenity went viral, capturing the hearts of many. People have been sending treats and packages for this precious dog. We join in wishing Serenity all the best in her journey ahead.

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