Why do cats sleep all the time?

CATS sleep between fifteen and twenty hours a day, but many people do not know the reason for this. We bring you the answers to that.

Cats are most active from dusk to dawn. This would mean that they only become active in the evening, while they sleep during the day, which could be quite a shock for you if you are bringing a cat to your home for the first time. Your pet will not waste time and will immediately start exploring and getting into trouble – most often while you are sound asleep. But soon after your cat is done with breakfast and you go to work, she will lie down comfortably and start napping.

Cats are predators, which means that their lives revolve around hunting and prey, mostly at night. Big cats, like lions, have a similar behavior. Even in the game he will show those instincts. And hunting takes a lot of energy, whether it’s hunting prey or just playing around the house. That is why sleep is extremely important for gathering energy and even more running, jumping, hiding and climbing.

Cats rarely sleep soundly and spend most of their time napping, while deep sleep lasts about 5 minutes. Also, they doze off in a position that will allow them to move quickly into action if need be, as they are constantly on the alert. Kittens and older cats sleep slightly longer than adult cats.

Just like humans, cats are meteorologists and the weather greatly affects their level of activity. Their behavior can vary, depending on the species, age, temperament and overall health. But regardless, it has been observed that cats sleep more when the weather is bad, cold and rainy.

Cats can adapt to the house rules of their owners. If they live with you in the house, they will adjust to you after a while because they will want to spend more time with you. The rhythm of sleep will adjust to feeding, so after a while you will sleep when you – at night.

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