Here’s why a dog is truly man’s best friend

It is NOT said that a dog is a man’s best friend. These animals give their owners a lot of love and warmth, and sometimes life with a dog seems happier and easier.

When a dog becomes part of the family, an unbreakable bond is created between him and the owner. Many owners say that their dog is a better friend than some people, and there are good reasons for that, writes the Huffington Post.

They do not condemn

Dogs don’t know how to judge. He will never come and enjoy himself. He’ll never say, “I told you it would happen.” They will just curl up on you on the couch or on the floor and love you for you. They don’t care what anyone else on the planet thinks of you. They love you just the way you are.

When something really bad happens to us in life and when we are very sad, dogs know how to comfort us. Many people will try to help us by saying a few tips and comforting words that may not mean much to us, but the dog will just be there for you, without a lot of talking and noise. Dogs can sense the mood of their owners so they will sense when something is wrong with you.

They don’t change their moods that often

Dogs almost never get up on the “wrong foot”. They are always happy when they wake up and ready to socialize. They almost never change their moods and that is why they make the best company.

They always want to do what you do

Want to go running? The dogs will want to go with you. Do you want to rest? And dogs will want it too. Do you want to sunbathe? Or be in the shade? Or on the beach? Or on the couch? Dogs will want everything you do. What friend would always want to do just about anything you want, except a dog?

Everyone wants to be liked

When people think someone doesn’t like them, they can become very aggressive or very defensive. Dogs on the other hand try to win everyone over. They lie on their feet or push their hands. Guests will often like it if you notice that they do not pay too much attention to it. Dogs are real charmers.

They feel remorse

Have you ever scolded a dog for something bad he did and noticed that he was sorry for it? Yes, dogs really feel remorse and try to redeem themselves in different ways.

They provide unconditional love

Were you in such a hurry in the morning that you left without saying goodbye? Or maybe you yelled at him for something? The dog will never get mad at you because he loves unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean we should take advantage of it.

They are faithful

As long as he lives, the dog will be there for you and love you. He will always be faithful to you and will never turn his back on you.

They protect you

Dogs are protective of those they love, but not just in dangerous situations. Dogs feel the need to protect us when we are sick and sad. They want to make things better. They want to protect us from injury. They instinctively know when we are vulnerable.

They want to be loved

People can sometimes put up emotional walls. Sometimes we are afraid to feel love. Dogs remind us that it is love to live. They want to feel affection. They want to feel love and they want to give love. They know that life is too short not to be loved.

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