What does the dog tell you with the barking

Dog barking is the dominant communication.

A dog’s behavior is often the result of learned but also genetic elements, which characterize it. Dogs react very quickly to certain things and often know how to verbally, or by barking, let everyone know that they are in a certain mood.

There are four types of dog sounds, which are essential determinants when trying to understand a dog’s behavior

These are: growling, whining, howling and barking. Barking is the most common daily occurrence in dogs, which can sometimes be stressful for owners.

But do you know the reasons why dogs bark?

He is happy

Of all the barkings a dog has, the happiest is the one that greets you as you walk through the front door. Waving his tail, turning in a circle and dancing, he greets you and lets you know that he is happy to be home!


Intruder into the territory
The strong barking of the dog says that an intruder is found near him, regardless of whether he has two or four legs. No one wants to mess with your dog when he is in his territory.

She’s scared

When a dog is scared, it often either bends its tail or lets you know that it is in fear. This barking can also turn into a quiet whimper, in order to draw all the attention to itself and show that he is not completely satisfied or that something is happening (such as thunder or maybe New Year’s fireworks).

She feels left out

Unfortunately, people often lock a dog in a room or put it in an isolated space and then it is not clear to them why dogs bark. Dogs are social animals and do not appreciate being left out or fenced off by their owners. If you already have a dog, allow him freedom and do your best, even when he feels left out, to cheer him up and show him that you love him and want to be with him.

She’s in pain

Dogs do not know how to act when it comes to pain, because they have a high tolerance for pain that they do not show just like that, so when you hear a loud howl, run your hand over his body and check if something hurts. It’s a sound that shouldn’t be ignored though because you want your pet to be healthy and happy.

He wants to talk to you

Dogs like to hear their barking, so sometimes they know how to bark and bark non-stop, just to get your attention and for you to say a few words to them and thus have a common “conversation”.

He talks to other dogs

Dogs by nature often respond to a neighbor’s dog barking, and sometimes this social barking means “I hear you, my friend …”.
But be careful, don’t immediately shout at your dog to be calm during “social” barking, because he will interpret that shout as if he has to keep quiet and may continue to become unsocialized.

He misses you

Some dogs, like children, find it difficult to experience separation from their owners. Children are screaming, dogs are barking. Anxious puppies often become destructive and make a big mess in the house, the apartment. It’s one of their ways to “make” you come home right away. Sure, you’ve experienced such a scenario with your adult dog as well, but it’s all actually love. Think carefully before you impulsively yell at your dog, in case he has bitten his shoe or maybe a pillow.

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