Portuguese Water Dog – traits, character, puppies and price

This breed was formed sometime during the Middle Ages, and its primary function was to haul fishermen nets out of the water, pick up fish that came out of it, transmit messages from one ship to another or from one shore to another, or store catch or equipment.

According to some research, it has been assumed that the Portuguese Water Dog breed was created by the primary crossing of 3 breeds – poodles, barbets and curry – terriers.

Today, according to the FCI classification, the Portuguese Water Dog is classified as the 7th group of water dogs, and their lifespan is between 10 and 15 years.

Portuguese Water Dogs are very rare or do not shed at all, which is why they are perfect pets for families with people who are allergic to animal hair, employees who do not have enough time to clean up after dogs, as well as families where they live. small children.

However, you must maintain the coat of the Portuguese Water Dog regularly by bathing and combing the dog regularly, but since their hair does not fall out as much, you must cut the hair of the Portuguese Water Dog whenever you think it is necessary.

Portuguese Water Dogs do not have any genetic defects, so they rarely get sick, which does not mean that they should not be regularly vaccinated according to the already established scheme of parasites, parvo viruses, puppies and similar diseases or give them additional vitamins.

However, although they belong to water dogs, they should not be allowed to be in the water for a long time, especially to dip their ears, because they can easily damage their hearing.

The interesting thing about this breed is that they are extremely tidy. In addition to not shedding, Portuguese Water Dogs easily learn to perform all their physiological needs in one place, and mostly prefer to do so in nature.

In addition, the glands in their body do not secrete so much content, so these dogs do not spread unpleasant odors around them at all.

The Portuguese Water Dog belongs to the group of dogs of medium height to large build – males are mostly between 50 and 59 cm tall and weigh between 19 and 25 kilograms, while females are slightly smaller – their height varies between 43 and 52 cm and weighs between 16 and 22 kg.

The body of the Portuguese Water Dog is extremely strong, with a specific deep chest. The head of these dogs is completely proportional. They have wide noses and strong jaws, beautiful round black or brown eyes, and their ears are heart-shaped and lowered, that is, close to the head. The not so long tail of the dog tapers at the top.

What particularly distinguishes Portuguese Water Dogs is that their hair is almost like wool, curly and short, although there are also individuals with long and wavy hair.

They are mostly characterized by a black or brown shade of hair, although it is not uncommon to find a completely white species, as well as combinations – brown white or black – white.

Portuguese Water Dogs are considered to be extremely intelligent and affectionate dogs. They are very kind and friendly and always in the mood to play. What should be emphasized is that they get along perfectly with children, according to which they otherwise show a great deal of patience.

Portuguese Water Dogs are extremely obedient and easy to train, as they remember new commands very quickly. However, there is also the fact that they are extremely stubborn and that they mostly have to drive theirs to the end at any cost. Nevertheless, they almost never show any signs of aggression.

Due to their character traits, Portuguese Water Dogs can be kept both in the house and in the apartment. They are not aggressive or nervous, so they will not break into your apartment, and they very rarely bark.

By nature, however, they are very active animals, which is a real perfection for active families and families with small children, which Portuguese Water Dogs will be happy to follow in every adventure. However, this means that if you live in an apartment or a house without a yard, you must regularly run your pet out, to be precise, at least once a day, in order to get rid of your excess energy.

Contrary to popular belief, when they reach old age, the energy of the Portuguese Water Dog does not abate. However, their patience may be declining, so they should be performed more often, so that they do not suddenly decide that there is more than enough space inside your house or apartment for him to run out and play with new furniture and small items around the house. .

Fortunately for you, all this is easy to avoid if you do not neglect the needs of your pet for walks and daily activities.

Speaking of walking, it is very interesting with these dogs that they do not allow their owner to get out of sight in any case. They never go in front of him during a walk, but by his leg or behind him, and even when you let him run off the chain, you don’t have to worry about him running away or losing sight of him, because in fact he will be the one to follow you.

Also, these dogs are not tied exclusively to one family member, but they listen and cooperate equally well with all members of the household. Although you should not be particularly surprised if at some point you notice that the dog gives more love to one of the household because it will not affect his obedience.

A female Portuguese Water Dog usually gives birth to 3 or 4 cubs. At the beginning, more precisely in the first week, they will have completely straight hair, which will gradually curl, and by the end of the second week, most of the cubs will already have curly hair as adults.

Puppies of the Portuguese Water Dog, for proper development, need to suckle for at least 2.5 months, and, at least until the end of the third month of life, they should not be separated from the mother.

Puppies reach the full size and appearance of an adult Portuguese Water Dog between 6 and 7 months of age.


Today, dogs are also at a high price, and many owners still decide on dogs of a certain breed with a large pedigree, while the so-called “mixed breeds” are neglected. However, it is all a matter of personal choice and it is entirely up to you whether you will take a puppy from the street or an ace among dogs as a pet – the Portuguese Water Dog.

Portuguese Water Dogs are kept as perfect pets. However, in this case, it says that happiness costs a lot. If you would like to become the owner of one such beauty or one beauty today, you will need to set aside a minimum of 500 euros, unless you are buying a dog from a layman or friend willing to lower your price.

Due to their qualities, Portuguese Water Dogs are at an extremely good price and there are a very large number of them on the market. However, these dogs are one of the rare species because of which the owners do not regret the money.

As far as keeping a dog is concerned, it really doesn’t require a lot of money. All you need to do is set aside the average price for vaccinations and tablets and ampoules against fleas, as well as for the purchase of dog food.

However, in order for that to happen, it is still necessary to set aside a lot of money, starting from 500 euros and up. If you combed the internet, you would see that the price of Portuguese Water Dogs really varies from 700 euros at the time of writing, to an incredible 1,300 euros.

More expensive dogs usually include parents with an enviable pedigree, and these puppies, and even adult dogs, are mostly already vaccinated and cleaned of parasites, examined by veterinarians, all the necessary paperwork has been arranged, both related to pedigrees and passports. they have a kennel registration number, and are already used to people.

Due to the high price, the Portuguese Water Dog is not recommended for people who do not plan to take them seriously, either as a kennel or as an owner, because not only are they financially valuable, but dogs are truly worthy of all respect and love.

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