Transforming Mr. Hobo Highwaters: From a Miserable Alley Cat to a Cherished Companion

In the hidden corners of alleys, feline stories unfold. Some recount the lives of untamed street cats, acquainted only with the harshness of the outdoors. Others belong to once-homebound felines, abruptly stripped of their security. Regardless of circumstance, the loss of a home plunges these cats into a desolate existence, granting them the unfamiliar title of “stray cat.”

Rarely do we come across the tales preceding our encounters with these strays. From the moment we meet them, it becomes our responsibility to offer them the fulfilling lives they deserve.

This is precisely what Anthony Di Sano did for Mr. Hobo Highwaters.

From Alley Cat to Beloved Companion

For over a decade, Anthony has tended to the needs of stray cats roaming an alley near his residence in Rhode Island. As Anthony shared with Cattiude Daily, “They allow me to photograph them in exchange for food.”

Usually, the exchange involves food and a few snapshots. However, there are occasions when Anthony encounters cats in need of more assistance. “If they appear unwell, I rescue them,” he explains.

And so began his friendship with Mr. Hobo Highwaters.

Anthony recounts, “He seemed to be deteriorating, but rescuing him was a straightforward task.”

Initially, their interactions were filled with hisses and swats, with Hobo constantly on guard, “ready to swipe at me at any given moment.”

But with nourishment and gentle encouragement, something shifted within Hobo. Gradually, he became friendly, and Anthony simply scooped him up and brought him home.

Now settled in his forever home, Mr. Hobo Highwaters has transformed from a tough alley cat into a loving gentleman, delighting in human touch and playfulness.

“He enjoys sleeping on his back, relishing belly rubs in the process. He craves attention, actively seeks it, and showers affection with headbutts, licks, and playful rabbit kicks throughout the day.”

Not only has his disposition transformed into that of an affectionate lovebug, but his once bedraggled and short fur has also flourished under the nourishment and care he receives. Anthony joyfully reports, “His fur has grown long, forming an impressive mane.”

A Contented Rescued Family

Hobo not only finds love in Anthony’s care but also shares his home with three fellow feline siblings, each with their own rescue stories from the alley. Much like Mr. Hobo Highwaters, his feline companions possess extraordinary names: “Brutus the Barber Beefcake, KC the Ex Computer Store Kitty, and Little Kitty the Hamburgler.”

As a proud cat dad, Anthony delights in sharing Mr. Hobo’s transformation story, describing his journey from a rough, tough, and unkempt short-haired cat to a now long-haired, immaculate, playful, and healthy big buddy.

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