Rescued Bull and Man Forge Unbreakable Friendship in the Arena

When Christophe Thomas, a French farmer, decided to purchase a bull named Fadjen to save him from a life in a bullring in Barcelona, little did he know that their connection would blossom into something truly extraordinary. Instead of conforming to the typical dynamic between a farmer and a bull, their relationship evolved into one resembling that of a human and a dog.

Their days are not solely filled with farming duties; they engage in activities that go beyond the expected. They spend ample time stroking and caressing each other, and they even enjoy playing with a ball together.

Strolling through the city has become a part of their daily routine, as they embrace the urban environment.

However, it is on the beach where Christophe and Fadjen truly let loose and release their energy.

A must-watch video (with Spanish subtitles) captures the remarkable friendship between Christophe and Fadjen, featuring moments you won’t want to miss.

In addition to their personal bond, Christophe fights tirelessly against the practice of forcing bulls to spend their lives in arenas. He has created Facebook and YouTube accounts to actively raise awareness about this issue.

We can only hope that one day Christophe, along with all other animal rights activists, will achieve success, ensuring that bulls are never again subjected to the brutality of fighting in arenas.

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