This is the story of a dog who did not abandon his friends to the street!

Humans on this planet have empathy and emotional intelligence reserved only for themselves, but that is not really the case. Both animals and humans have empathy, and in some cases this empathy is even greater in animals than in humans.

The following story is about a puppy who was lucky enough to be seen by a passer-by on a street corner. He approached him and gently stroked him, then walked on without noticing that a cute little dog was following him.

Maybe this situation has happened to you in your life, remember?
A little tenderness and attention for this poor little and abandoned dog was a sign, that is, a hope that it would be saved. Of course, the man could not resist this sweet and playful creature, who wagged his tail so happily that he allowed him to move towards his house. When they were already at the entrance, the little dog still did not have enough confidence, but after a moment’s consideration he went in.
The exhausted, wet and tired dog seemed to have found his new home! He was given food and a warm bed to rest in. He was named Pluto.
And you probably think it’s over, but it’s not! The next morning, little dog Pluto was a little nervous, he jumped out the front door, and the man who found him thought that little Pluto wanted to go back to the place where he was found.
This was only partly true, as the man followed him to make sure the puppy arrived safely, and then followed by a complete U-turn! Pluto took the human right to where his other friends were! This meant only one thing: “Please help them too.”
Pluto, that clever dog, set off to bring help and rescue to himself and his friends, very brave, wasn’t he?
Of course, the man could not resist this scene and not leave them alone, and in a few moments they were on their way home. A friendly neighbour, a vet, found that everything was fine with the little dogs.
Do you have experience with abandoned animals, has something like this ever happened to you in your life? Share your story with us, because the world deserves to know how empathetic and loyal friends are and that they can feel both good and bad just like humans!

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