Truly a man’s best friend: A dog does not detach itself from its owner’s coffin and stays with it until the very end

This is a very touching story that reminds us, with a bitter aftertaste, of the unbreakable bond between a dog and a human.
Dog and pet owners in general know how emotionally intelligent these wonderful creatures are. Emotional intelligence is by no means reserved for humans alone, as both dogs and humans build close relationships with each other and their owners, which means that it is very difficult or almost impossible to go on living without it.
Dogs know and sense when something is wrong, when their owner wants to leave them or simply dies, and they remain alone and suffering for the rest of their lives.
The dog named “Boomer” remained lonely and sad forever after the death of his owner. Maria Isabel Benites Chamba from Ecuador, the owner of this extraordinary dog, passed away and nothing would have been so extraordinary if her dog had not attended her funeral, except for her friends and family.
Eyewitnesses could not believe the scene they saw, which was Boomer standing by the coffin throughout the funeral service. All those present could not believe what kind of loyalty and love it was. The others were shocked and touched to see little Boomer jump into the funeral car, and it was clear to all that this sad dog was abandoned from that moment on.

Everyone present agreed that Boomer would stay in the car until the last moment. After this video went around the world, people were completely shocked and hugged their dog tightly….
Boomer’s little dog is now being cared for by Mary’s family and Boomer is often taken to the cemetery to visit his owner.

The story is really very touching. It is a bittersweet reminder of how much the deceased person was loved. The pets are really very loyal and faithful.

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