The zoo staff refuses to save a drowning chimpanzee, then suddenly a man jumps into the water and helps her!

A chimpanzee exhibit at a Detroit zoo nearly ended in tragedy. Visitors to this exhibit come every year to see their favorite animals when they arrange an entertainment for their visitors. This time, however, it could have all ended very tragically when one chimp slipped in the middle of playing with another and fell into a muddy ditch.

Chimpanzees do not have the ability to swim like humans or some other animals. The poor chimpanzee began drowning in the water, and the zoo staff acted extremely irresponsibly.

None of the staff present cared too much about this matter. They simply felt that this endeavor posed too great a risk to their lives. Chimpanzees can be extremely aggressive when their lives are threatened.

Fortunately, among the visitors was a brave man who wanted to help the poor animal.

A man named Rick Swope could not stand by and watch a chimpanzee drown in the water. He immediately ran to help her. It was simply an instinctive reaction of a humane human being. He jumped into the water and dove down. The water was very murky, so Rick could not immediately locate the chimpanzee.

Visitors to the exhibit actively assisted Rick. They helped him find the chimpanzee, and they succeeded!

Rick grabbed the chimpanzee and carefully pulled it to shore. She was calm, knowing that this good man wanted to help and save her. When she washed safely ashore, the other chimps were overjoyed. They were very grateful to Rick. None of the chimps were aggressive or hurt Rick in any way.

Rick’s brave and selfless act of kindness really won our hearts today!

Click on the video below to see Rick put his life on the line to save a helpless chimpanzee!

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