The creativity of this artist and his talent to portray his artwork so realistically breaks all boundaries! Andoni Bastarriku is an artist from Spain whose works have become a real internet sensation! This man makes his works of art out of sand. His seal of approval is a depiction of animals so realistic that the work would look like a real animal to any average viewer from a distance!

The artist chose to create animal figures out of sand, mostly horses, bulls and sharks.

Believe it or not, this man didn’t even graduate from the academy, all you see in the pictures is his talent that he wasn’t even aware of.

In 2010, on a beach in Spain, he tried to amuse his children by making a little mermaid out of sand! The end result was amazing! His sculpture looked so realistic that he was aware of his talent for this art. The tourists present addressed Andon with compliments and admiration for his work.

That’s how it all started.

Later, he only perfected this art, that is, he devoted the next 10 years to perfecting the art of making sand figures.

He posted the following on his Facebook profile:

“Any way you look at it, sand will always teach you something as long as you’re willing to learn, so I’m interested in that. Huge amounts of extraordinary sand particles will melt into sculptures in a humid atmosphere. Imitate their combination for someone else. In other words, the wind will eventually drying them and freeing every particle, gradually removing all personality and authenticity as the artist retreats and leaves his creation to nature.”

Before collecting the necessary sand for his work, Andoni has a vision of the animal in his mind that he wants to turn into reality.

Making sand figurines requires extraordinary dedication, imagination, calmness and persistence. In his works, in addition to sand, Andoni sometimes uses glass, stone and clay powders, charcoal and others to add realism to his works.

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