The woman was not home for 2 days and when she came back she found tiny newborn babies on her bed!

Olivia Longstaff from the USA shared a video on the internet that left everyone speechless.

Have you ever had a surprise in your house? One woman had just such an experience. When Olivia Longstaff returned to her home after a short vacation, she found what looked like tiny puppies on her bed, tiny rat puppies!

Olivia has only lived in this beautiful little house in the country for a few months. To escape the noise and crowds of the big city, she decided to spend the rest of her life in the country. Life in the countryside is truly unpredictable! In addition to pets often come uninvited guests!

To be honest, rats are not very welcome in our homes. Many are afraid of them, and many are afraid because rats are known carriers of various diseases.

When Olivia finally arrived at her house, she wanted to get some rest, and as she sat down on her bed, she heard strange noises.

6 little rats were lying carelessly on her bed! This scene shocked Olivia!

Since there was no mother rat around, Olivia carefully placed them one by one in a box and left them under the bed. After this story was published, there were many comments, some wrote that Olivia should get rid of the rats, while some were in favor of adopting them and taking care of them.

What would you do if you were in her place?

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