After a terrible fire, a family returns home to find their dog waiting for them!

No dog will abandon its owner and leave him when it is most difficult for him. We all already know enough about their loyalty. The dog is so affectionate and loyal that it will stay with you forever, even if it has to suffer!

While some people have no problem leaving their dog, dogs would never do such a thing. To a dog, you are his whole world.

The Northern California fire was the largest wildfire in the state’s history. Many residents were forced to leave their homes and property. Most pets went with their owners, who were able to take their pet with them if they had enough time.

The non-profit organization that deals with the protection of animals, “K9 Paw Print Rescue”, announced this news on their Facebook profile.

The dog Madison was waiting impatiently for her owner Andrea Gaylord to come back to her house when the fire was extinguished and she could see what was left of the house after this terrible fire.

Andrea Gaylord called Shayla Sullivan, a volunteer animal rescuer, to check if her dog Madison had survived the fire. In addition to Madison, another dog named Miguel had to be found.

Madison and Miguel are brothers. The animal rescue volunteer was unable to provide accurate information on all of the dogs.

When Mrs. Gaylord was able to return home, she was met with an incredible sight. Her dog, Madison, was faithfully waiting for her to return home. The dog was in perfect condition. He apparently managed to hide well until the fire was out, saving his life. Gaylord was finally calm and peaceful. None of the damage the fire had done worried Gaylord, except for the thought that something had happened to their dogs!

Finally, Gaylord stated, “Imagine the loyalty of standing back and waiting in the worst of situations. It was very emotional.”

If you are still thinking about whether a dog is the best choice for your pet, stop, it is definitely the best and most loyal friend you will ever have by your side!

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