The Woman Offering a Ray of Hope to Countless Street Cats in the Local Community

Each summer, Deike Behringer leaves her home in Germany and travels to Estepona, a picturesque resort town in Southern Spain. While many come to enjoy the sun and leisure, Behringer has a different purpose in mind.

She selflessly volunteers her time and utilizes her impressive photography skills to support Estepona Cat Rescue, one of the few organizations devoted to saving the region’s abandoned feline population.

Behringer reveals that the cats in Estepona are often regarded as pests rather than beloved companions. The local shelters are rudimentary, and the “killing stations” known as Pererras show minimal effort in promoting adoptions. Sadly, the animals are typically euthanized within a mere two weeks.

However, amidst this bleak scenario, there is a glimmer of hope in the form of Cleo Wrobel. She has dedicated her life and home to rescuing as many Spanish street cats as she possibly can. Over the years, Wrobel has successfully saved, rehabilitated, and found new homes for over 500 animals, primarily cats, with the occasional dog finding refuge as well.

Wrobel provides shelter in her own house and has constructed a spacious cat house within her yard. She takes care of their food, supplies, and veterinary needs, and diligently writes adoption profiles for each feline.

Although the work is challenging and often marked by heartbreaking cases, Wrobel remains steadfast in her mission, finding solace in the success stories. She is fortunate enough to accompany the lucky ones to the airport, where they embark on a journey to their new lives in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

Deike Behringer plays a crucial role by assisting Wrobel with the rescue’s website and managing their social media profiles. Additionally, she captures stunning photographs of the adoptable cats, showcasing their unique beauty, from notched ears to battle scars and missing eyes. Most of these felines are available for adoption, while those who are severely ill or emotionally scarred find a permanent home at the rescue.

The Estepona Cats team may be small in numbers, but their dedication is unwavering. If you wish to support their ongoing efforts to save Spain’s street cats, please visit their website and consider making a donation.

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