“Efforts Unite to Locate Missing Cat of Colleague: The Search Mission Begins”

Buzzfeed is renowned for its entertaining and offbeat content, captivating audiences with amusing news, videos, and quizzes. However, the true depth of camaraderie among its employees was recently unveiled when they rallied together to locate a coworker’s lost cat. Thanks to the power of the internet, we can now all revel in this extraordinary tale!

When Kelsey Darragh had to leave town suddenly for a family emergency in Tampa, she entrusted her indoor-only cat, Leo, to the safety of her home in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Leo managed to escape by accidentally dislodging a screen from a window. Kelsey took to Instagram, urging her L.A. friends to keep a watchful eye for her hefty 20-pound tabby.

Maycie Thornton, one of Kelsey’s colleagues, came across the distressing post and wasted no time in offering her assistance. With Kelsey’s blessing, Maycie quickly spread the word throughout the Buzzfeed office, conveniently located near the area where Leo had gone missing.

The compassionate team, comprising passionate animal lovers, sprang into action, brainstorming strategies and devising plans to track down Leo. One particularly resourceful individual even created a flyer showcasing Leo’s adorable face, encouraging everyone else to print and distribute them throughout the vicinity.

Remarkably, before Maycie could even prepare herself for work and set foot in the office, numerous coworkers had pledged to spend their lunch breaks combing the streets of Hollywood in search of the wayward feline. At 12:30 sharp, the dedicated search party gathered, armed with donated cans of salmon to entice Leo.

To everyone’s astonishment, within a mere ten minutes of fanning out from the Buzzfeed headquarters, a member of the cat search party spotted Leo!

The plump cat had taken refuge in a shed belonging to a neighbor. The astute sleuth’s attention was drawn to the hiding spot by a deceased rat nearby. Fearlessly, she ventured into the eerie shed accompanied by the homeowner, and her bravery paid off!

Kelsey’s roommate arrived promptly, ready to transport the chubby stowaway back home, swathed in a Buzzfeed coworker’s kimono.

Kelsey joyfully updated her Instagram account, sharing a photo of Leo happily feasting alongside his rescuer. This heartwarming collaboration among the Buzzfeed team exemplifies the power of teamwork and compassion. Well done, Buzzfeeders!

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