The old cat adopted an unfortunate little kitten and finally got an heir!

The shelter volunteer decided to introduce the rescued kitten to an elderly cat from the street and didn’t even expect the two to become friends. The old cat immediately took the baby under his care!

A tiny red and white kitten was found on the streets of Texas. The weak but open-minded poor man was covered with fleas, and people immediately took it to the shelter Firehouse Animal Health. There he was received with joy and received the nickname, Garfield.

The baby was treated and then sent to the foster home. When the kitten opened, it turned out to have a wonderful character. He turned out to be a very affectionate and sweet being. He constantly asked his nurse for affection, liked to lie on his knees for a long time, and purred.

A little later, little Garfield saw an older red cat near the house. It was an old cat named Pickles, who her keeper occasionally fed.

The old cat was bathed, and his ear was healed. He was introduced to Garfield a little later – and they immediately became best friends. The older pickles melted at the sight of the little kitten, and his fatherly instincts awakened.

The two became inseparable. The boy followed his wise mentor everywhere, playing with him and hugging him. Pickles also flourished alongside the kitten, becoming more affectionate and active. So far, these two are overexposed and enjoy each other’s company. Later, permanent holders will be found for them.

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