The neglected husky sat frozen in fear waiting for help while the other dogs played!

Rescuers from Harbin, China, rescued more than 2,000 dogs on a property and one stood out among the others, attracting people’s attention. The dog was sitting alone in a corner and was frozen with fear. He looked very sad. The other dogs were overjoyed that help had finally arrived, as they had been abandoned for weeks without basic care and food, and this poor little dog sat frozen, waiting for someone to help him.

The dog was in a very bad condition, according to one of the rescuers. Her fur was dirty, she was malnourished and extremely scared. She was a small husky puppy who had been neglected for a long time and was very scared.

The rescuers named her Harriet. It was only on the way to the rescue centre that the little dog jumped into the lap of one of the volunteers, showing affection and still a little trust in humans. After a long time, she felt safe again. When she was examined by the vet, it was found that she was about eight months old.

As a tiny puppy, Harriet had already experienced more suffering than any dog should ever need. But thankfully she was finally in the right hands and is now on the road to recovery.

Fortunately, apart from the obvious ailments, Harriet was completely healthy. The first thing they did was bathe her and shave off her dirty, matted fur.

She was then taken to the sanctuary where she will be treated for the next two months.

As the weeks went by, Harriet’s fur began to grow and she started to get completely free. She was such a sweet, friendly doggy and now it’s time to find her a home.

A Canadian woman named Rosee Vallee saw Harriet’s picture online and immediately knew she wanted to adopt her. A volunteer drove Harriet to San Francisco.

From there, Harriet began her new life in Canada. But with her new life came a new name: Bailey. Besides his new mother, he also has three new dog sisters with whom he gets along very well.

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Look at how happy Bailey looks in this photo with her mother

Bailey is loving her new life and having fun adventures with her new family. She has come a long way after lying scared in a corner of the property. She has the volunteers and vets to thank for helping her on the road to recovery!

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