In her desperation to save herself and her baby, a pregnant cow jumped off truck on way to slaughterhouse!

Just imagine how many lives would be saved if each of us gave up meat, our favourite hamburger or meat products! Some people were not selfish and decided to make their sacrifice so that a living being would not have to die because of they lunch. Millions of animals lose their lives every day and even their children are killed to satisfy the refined tastes of humans. Morbid, isn’t it?
This is the story of a cow named Brianna who was pregnant when she was put into a truck carrying cattle to the slaughterhouse with other cows.

As well as humans and animals feel fear, these cows also knew that their lives would soon be over. But this brave cow did not want to leave anything to chance. She wanted to save herself AND her unborn baby. So she decided to take a risky step, but of course it was “all or nothing”, so she had nothing to lose.
She decided to just jump out of the truck trailer.
When she jumped out of the truck trailer, she started running, disoriented, scared, she just wanted someone to help her and save her. When the police arrived, she refused to cooperate. She didn’t trust the humans, of course, and she had a reason for that. They called Skylands Animal Sanctuary to rescue the animal.
When they took her off the street and brought her to the shelter’s veterinary clinic, the vet found that the cow was pregnant. Until then, no one knew about it. The baby’s health was in danger, which worried everyone. Brianna had suffered numerous injuries when she jumped from the truck and was chased by the car, and it is very likely that there could be complications during the birth.
Fortunately, the doctors’ worst predictions did not come true. Brianna gave birth to a beautiful AND healthy female calf just 2 days after her rescue, which the shelter staff named Winter!

The shelter calls Winter’s birth a miracle and promises that she will never be separated from her mother. We admire Brianna’s irrepressible maternal instinct and her will to protect her baby against all odds. We wish them both a long and happy life!

Click on the video below to see how Brianna escaped her fate and saved herself and her baby!

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