The man threw an ordinary needle into the haystack and claimed that he could find it: he filmed his search technique in front of the camera

He promised not to use magnets.

The young artist Sven Saksalberg threw an ordinary needle into a haystack as an art installation. He bet that he would find the hand again and made a video in which he explained his technique.

The haystack was deliberately chosen significantly – 3 m high and about the same diameter. The mathematical probability of finding a needle here is extremely low; without a magnet, such a search would take about 30 years.

But Sven bet he could do it in just two days. The performance was moved to the museum building, and the guards watched – the man promised not to use magnets or other tricks. His technique was simple: Saxalberg took a handful of hay and pressed it into the palm of his hand.

After 29 hours, the needle was finally found. Sven was lucky. The hand got stuck in the bundle and was easier to find.

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