The Kind Butcher Every Day Leaves Leftovers Outside The Store For Stray Dogs

One very unusual video was published on TikTok. It vividly shows how much dogs know solidarity and selflessly share food with other dogs who, unfortunately, share the same fate of life on the street.
The user @ugursa_ shared this video, and this emotional story touched the hearts of many people. It’s impressive how aware dogs are of other dogs, and while some other animals would hide all their food from others and then eat it themselves, these stray dogs distributed everything equally.

A butcher in Turkey leaves bones in front of his shop every day, which will be today’s meal for stray dogs, which, unfortunately, care about.
Interestingly, the dogs that approached the box that day did so cautiously, and everyone took as much as they needed so that everyone would get something and not go hungry.

You can see a high degree of empathy in this video, which is very impressive. While people on the other side have become selfish and grab only for themselves and more than they require, animals have raised their consciousness to a higher level, thinking about others and showing solidarity in their misfortune.
There was enough food for every dog; not even the sacred dog standing by the side went hungry because his friends were also thinking of him.
Such exceptional solidarity, empathy, and intelligence are not strange for stray dogs. The harsh life on the street taught them the noblest qualities we humans had forgotten entirely.
Stray dogs can starve even for two or three days. Still, every time they approach the box with bones, they will not only be enthusiastic about today’s meal but also solidarity enough to share their food with others, even though they are still determining when they will get it again next time—that opportunity to get to the juicy bones.
A viral video from a butcher shop where a cat enters, entirely free and without fear, begs the butcher for a piece of meat and, of course, gets it; it also shows the extraordinary love of people in Turkey for animals.

It is now known worldwide that cats have special royal treatment in Turkey; the same goes for dogs. Everyone cares about them, not only regarding food or shelter but also regarding regular veterinary examinations, vaccinations, chipping, and other necessary care.
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