The guy built a separate room for the dog in the house and furnished it stylishly!

Everyone needs their space!

The terrier named Molly discovered that she would become the older “sister” of the little human.

The owner decided to build a separate room for the dog under the stairs before the child’s birth.

There was nothing there before. The owner was curious if it would be possible to build a room there but was pleased with the result… and Molly too!

Molly in her new, finished room

“She’s the best little spoiled so far, so we didn’t want her to feel less important when the baby was born!”

And here is the proud “big sister” with baby Catelyn!

At the same time, the owners decided to update the kitchen by adding tongue-and-groove panels.

Here is the place for the dog under the stairs:

There is enough space for Molly

Setup Process

View from the inside into a small room.

Color-changing mood lighting installed

Molly waited patiently for her room to be ready.

A small sofa was bought for Molly.

A few more details

Molly poses in her new room!

She loves her cozy space. Luckily, she likes her new home better than the one in the garden!

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