For the first time in 6,000 years, a wild bison baby was born in England: conservationists celebrate the birth of the boy!

One of the bison in the herd was pregnant.

Just months after a small bison herd was brought to Kent in England, it was announced that the first wild bison had been born in the United Kingdom in nearly 6,000 years.

The Wild Blean project near Canterbury only released the bison in July – and the organizers experienced the surprise of a lifetime because one of the animals turned out to be pregnant.

Mark Hubben, director of the zoo, described the unique experience of happiness of bison that were released into the wild only a few weeks ago. He described that experience as incredible joy and delight.

“We always hoped the bison would multiply, but we didn’t expect it to happen so quickly,” said bison ranger Tom Gibbs. The Kent Wildlife Trust or Wildwood Trust was discovered on September 9 and did not immediately announce the birth.

The rangers say that the cub has developed well, plays in the rain, and copies the typical behavior of other bison. “These animals are wild, so we want to stay away as much as possible, but their welfare is at the heart of our work,” says Gibbs, who has already developed a plan on how to provide all the necessary care for the calves in the best and most efficient way

It is hoped that the presence of bison on the 120-hectare Blin site, along with Exmoor ponies and Iron Age pigs, will make the forest green, thriving, and species-rich habitat again.

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