The German circus Roncalli refused to use animals in its performances and found a way to replace them

The circus is always very interesting and fun. But not for animals. That is why many do not go to the circus on principle.

German circus Roncalli has found an amazing solution to make the show more interesting without the participation of wild animals.

The circus shows animals, but does so with the help of modern technology. A special system creates holograms with a width of 32 meters and a height of 5 meters. This magic was created with the help of 11 projectors. It looks like the best dream ever! The images are very realistic.

Activists around the world are not satisfied with the current situation. Thousands of circuses continue to tour with animals. The captivity and exhaustion of animals is the reason why Roncalli’s leadership decided to take the first step towards the new and become an example for everyone.

Today, tickets for the show are sold out in a few hours because the performances have become better and better. We hope that this trend will be supported by other circuses in the world.

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