The Enchanting Puppy Who Became a Lifeline for a Solitary Widow

Determining who’s the more adorable between the pair – 93-year-old Sally or 1-year-old Brody, is quite a challenge. Nevertheless, seeing them together is absolutely heartwarming.

Sally, who’s been a widow since 1990, has resided next to Dave Mazarella in Mt. Vernon, Washington, for a decade and a half. She’s been acquainted with all of his dogs over the years, but her bond with Mazarella’s 1-year-old Saint Bernard, Brody, is incomparable.

In a chat with TODAY, Sally was eager to share that Brody, who enjoys quite a bit of fame on Instagram, had already dropped by for a visit before noon.

“He was over here this morning, accompanied by Dave,” she shared. “Oh, he’s such a darling! I even gave him a piece of bread crust for breakfast.”

Brody’s daily visits to Sally are frequent, and it’s safe to say they illuminate each other’s day.

“Brody would casually stroll to her place,” Mazarella elaborated. “That’s when she started offering him treats.”

As the old saying goes, the rest is history. Currently, the twosome takes church walks, follows the news, and fetches the daily paper – all in each other’s company.

“The moment he spots me, he’s brimming with joy,” Sally revealed. “Brody really does love me – Dave attributes it to my voice.”

Having moved to Washington in 1952, Sally’s formative years were spent on her family’s farmland in Holland — where her love for animals took root.

Sally is a mother to four children, but only one resides close by. She’s in regular touch with all of them, and they cherish the pictures of Brody and her together just as much as we do.

This dynamic pair indeed has a knack for warming our hearts, and Sally thinks her upbeat personality might be the secret behind her long and fulfilling life.

“My father always noted that I was the firstborn, and from the day I arrived, I was a bundle of joy,” she added. “I’ve faced a few hurdles, but I always manage to bounce back.”

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