As she departs from the shelter, the overjoyed pup simply can’t contain her excitement, wagging her tail non-stop.

In every animal shelter, there’s always at least one dog that stands out from the rest, even though the staff encounters a variety of dogs.

The delightful Matilda was welcomed into the Douglas County Animal Shelter. Matilda, typically cheerful and eager, instantly stood out to the staff. As soon as Matilda arrived at the shelter, she was adopted.

This surprised the vets there, especially considering the difficult first few months of Matilda’s life. The two-month-old puppy was discovered by the shelter suffering from skin irritations and a worm infestation. Since the day she was born, she lived as a stray dog on the streets of Georgia. But despite all these difficulties, she never lost her positive attitude towards life and never stopped wagging her tail.

A volunteer named Santina Sanders told The Dodo that Matilda gave the “most incredible kisses.” According to Sanders, she was the cutest creature that ever existed. Another animal rescue organization, Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, fell in love with the adorable puppy because of her interaction with the other animals. Sanders wasn’t the only person to notice Matilda’s pleasant demeanor.

One of the organization’s directors, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, developed a bond with the happy and lively Matilda, and as a result, she decided to rescue the dog from the shelter and place her in a foster family. The puppy was so obviously happy when her foster father arrived to pick her up that she didn’t stop wagging her tail for the entire hour and a half ride.

She wags her tail so vigorously that it affects the way she walks. While Matilda was a friendly dog, she particularly disliked collars. When Rich, her foster father, tried to put a collar on her, she stopped wagging her tail, a clear sign she did not like the collar.

Aside from the collar, the adorable dog is overjoyed about everything else in her new home. She loves playing with her toys, spending time with her foster siblings, and assisting her human brother with his homework. She often visits her human brother at home to help him with his tasks.

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