The dracula orchid has a flower that literally resembles a monkey’s face, and is also called the ‘monkey orchid’ Bizarre or beautiful?

Nature is wonderful and very strange at the same time, and flowers are often admired for their colours, shapes and scents. But sometimes we are also amazed at all the shapes that exist. Orchids are the beauties of this world and one of the largest families among plants, there are up to 30 thousand species of orchids. And some forms are even bizarre – the Dracula orchid is one of them, and that’s why we decided to introduce it to you.

The Dracula orchid has a flower that literally looks like a monkey’s face, and is also called the “monkey orchid”, although this is not technically correct. Different forms of this flower produce different “facial expressions” – from pensive to happy to sad monkey. There are up to 120 species of the Dracula family.

The Dracula orchid grows in the wild areas of Ecuador and Peru and is found in areas from 1000 to 2000 metres above sea level. It was discovered in 1978 by the botanist Carlyle A. Luer. The flowers of the leaves reminded him of a dragon, so he gave it this name. The Latin name of the dragon is “dracula”.

Although it looks very specific, it smells pleasantly of citrus fruits, reminiscent of ripe oranges. In its natural environment, the dracula orchid can flower at any time of the year, and it likes a humidity of 70 to 100%, which can be demanding if you want to have this beautiful plant at home. If you want to have it at home, this plant needs a lot of attention, cooler temperatures and partial shade.

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