The crazy bear fell into the pool and made the whole world laugh! ( Video )

We all like to watch clips with animals in our free time because they are usually videos in which the animals move us to tears with their unusual behaviour. It really works like a natural anti-stress therapy, and the most important thing – it’s free!
On hot summer days, we also like to cool off in the swimming pool or in another body of water. But it’s not often that you see footage of a big bear called Bruiser enjoying a dip in the pool!
Bruiser lives at Single Vision, an environmental institute in Florida. This centre also looks after the protection of endangered animals species.

In the video, you can see the bear climbing the steps to the pool and then plunging into the water. This makes him so happy that his happiness and gentle smile also spreads to the viewers, making us smile and enjoy it!
This bear literally shows us that happiness lies in the small things and little things. An ordinary dip in the pool is a real pleasure and happiness for this bear!
One of the volunteers at the centre told us that Bruiser has been jumping in the pool and having fun for a few days now. So he had the idea to capture the moment on camera and share the happiness with the world!

The shared video has now been seen by millions of people, and when you watch it for yourself, you will understand why!

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