A fearless pit bull fights a shark to save his owner’s life from an attack !!!!

We don’t have to explain to dog owners the unconditional love this pet has for its owner. Its loyalty and love is comparable to the instinct a mother has for her child. When it is in danger, she will stop at nothing to protect it, even if it means losing her own life. It is the same with dogs. They show their love in their own way, and it is rare to find such a friend among humans. So far you have been able to read many stories on our website about the heroic deeds of these furry friends, but today’s is something quite incredible!

In his spare time, James White goes fishing in Sonoma County, California. Everything was fine until all of a sudden a 6 foot shark formed around White! Mr White tried to avoid the shark, but unfortunately he saw it too late and it had already managed to bite him in the shin. It hurt him incredibly and he screamed loudly for help.

Luckily he had his friend, Darby the pit bull, with him, who was waiting for him at the car as he did every time. When the dog heard his owner’s screams, he quickly ran over to see what it was all about.
Without thinking, the brave dog jumped into the water and started to bite the shark, to which it responded with an even stronger bite!

Watch this video to see how they managed to defeat the shark and drive it away!

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