The cat’s mother quickly hugged her baby when she heard that the owner wanted to give it to someone else: Please don’t take me away!

The most sacred act for a woman is to be a mother. Take our word for it that this is also true for animals. After this article, you will be convinced that animals, just like humans, feel affection for their children, but also pain when you want to separate them from them.
The cat we are going to write about today lives in China and is a very important member of the family in which she lives. These people take care of her, give her a lot of attention and love. This cat simply wants for nothing. Her name is Tieu A.

Tieu A jealously guards her baby

When they found out that Tieu A was pregnant and would give birth to their first child, everyone in the family was overjoyed. But Tieu A only gave birth to one child! Therefore, Tieu A loved her only child especially.
The owner noticed that Tieu A’s temperament changed drastically: instead of being a playful cat who ran around, she became a calm mother who spends the whole day with and cares for her baby. They became inseparable, which is probably normal. This kind of relationship between mother and child made people jealous because the new family member separated them from their baby, so they decided to do something that made many people around the world sad!

Tieu A jealously guards her baby

They decided to give the baby Tieu A to their friend, who was very happy about little Macheu.
But the reaction of this extremely intelligent cat left them all speechless!
When Tieu A heard this, she quickly rushed to the nest and embraced her beloved son in her lap. She also made everyone laugh with a series of expressions like “caring mother”. From sadness, anger to determined eyes loving and proclaiming, “Don’t touch my baby, get out!”
The owner of this wonderful cat couldn’t bring herself to do that, she immediately approached her pet and told her that it was all a joke and that her baby was staying with her! But Tieu A did not let go of her baby, she still held it tightly with her paws. She was determined not to let it go until everyone was as far away from them as possible.

Tieu A jealously guards her baby

After the pictures were published on the internet, the reactions of people all over the world were incredible! Everyone was unanimously for the mother cat jealously guarding her baby and not giving it away. Everyone was touched by her affection.

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