A woman rescues a broken duck egg and carries it in her bra for 35 days!!!

Betsy Ross from California did something incredible that is one of the greatest humanitarian acts a person can do, save someones life. After finding a broken duck egg, Betsy Ross decided to save it. This woman knows what a new life means because she is a mother herself, and after finding this egg in the park, she decided to give the duckling a chance to be born.
While playing with her children in the park, she happened to see a broken duck nest, and after a short hike, she found only one egg. This scene made her and her family very sad and they unanimously decided that the egg should be taken care and that they would help it.

When she arrived home, she immediately approached an animal welfare organisation for further advice, but also for their agreement to take the duck after it was born. And of course they agreed. Since this egg has no mother of its own to lay on and provide it with the necessary moisture and warmth, this woman came up with a very unusual idea. She put a cracked egg in her bra!

Betsy carefully stored the egg in her bra and added that she had to turn the egg 4-5 times a day.
After the phase where the egg needed warmth and importance, it came to the second phase where a small incubator had to be improvised.
She took duct tape, a bowl of water, gallon bags, a plastic container and a lamp to build her own incubator.

After a few weeks, the duck finally hatched! Like any newborn baby, she was weak and couldn’t move. Betsy gave her a little water, and sometimes let her swim a little in the tub so that she would slowly get used to the water when she was a big duck one day and will return to her natural habitat.

She also added that the sweet duck would nap with her during the day and follow her voice! She knew then that she had to take him to a better place.

So she approached a rescue organisation she knew, who set up a small sanctuary for her.

The volunteers really do their best to give this duck all the care she needs, and since she has been surrounded by people since birth, she is very friendly. What a happy ending!

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