Stray dog guards the storm drain: the fire department arrives and everyone is speechless

This stray dog controls the city’s sewer system for a very specific reason. When the fire department arrives and takes a look, everyone is amazed!

Annie is walking in the city when all of a sudden she becomes aware of a stray dog. The animal is standing motionless in front of a butcher shop. Is his stomach growling? The animal-loving woman enters the butcher’s shop without further ado and buys the stray a bone.

At first, the dog is suspicious and doesn’t dare approach Annie, who holds out the bone to him. But soon hunger is stronger than fear and the dog comes to her to get the bone and eat it up.

Someone is in trouble

The next day, Annie meets the dog in the same place and decides to buy him food again. However, the animal does something absolutely strange: instead of pouncing on the food, the dog voluntarily throws the cured meat into a storm drain.

Astonished, Annie takes a look through the grate into the sewer and immediately calls for help. When the fire department arrives and opens the grate, a real drama is revealed. Five kittens are trapped in the sewer. They had probably been washed in by the rain and were unable to free themselves. As if the dog knew that the kittens would starve here without help, he shared his food with them and did everything he could to protect them.

A new life

Annie then decided to take the kittens with her for the time being, until they found a permanent home. But not only that: when she wanted to leave with the kittens, she turned around once again. Because someone was missing!

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