People rejected him because of his illness, but he was able to find his perfect permanent home

A sweet cat with health problems that people just refused to take home

This poor sick cat couldn’t find a home.

Imagine you have to spend your whole life in a cage, but suddenly your life changed.

Benjamin Hugo Noggin, known as Benny, came to the sanctuary when his owner died, leaving him and his four siblings alone. The other kittens had already been adopted, but no one wanted Benny.

Benny is blind and has other health problems as well.

Benny was taken to a loving animal hospital.

The changes confused him he was afraid. Benny couldn’t spend his whole life in a cage, so they called a local rescue group who posted his photo on the internet.

They immediately contacted Milo’s Sanctuary and gladly accepted it. He was moved to his Lifetime Care foster home where he is learning that he is safe and cherished.

Benny doesn’t yet understand how to use a litter box, so we gave him a ton of pee pads.

He also follows a special diet for his digestive issues and was given subcutaneous fluids to stay hydrated. We don’t know why he doesn’t drink from a water bowl. He also needs blood tests very often to make sure his salt levels are normal.

Benny is still a sweet, sensitive boy with a quirky sense of humor. He enjoys his food, his toys, and especially his new spanking post!

“We put up with Benny, he would always have a home at the sanctuary and with your help we will be able to keep our promise.”

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