“Revolutionary ‘Kitten Bjorn’ Harness Facilitates Socialization of Feral Kittens in Shelters”

Take advantage of their early age! That’s the key to turning hissing and scared feral kittens into affectionate and pampered house cats.

Thanks to a resourceful seamstress, the Animal Rescue League of Boston now possesses the perfect tool to aid in the socialization of their young feral rescues while effectively managing their demanding tasks. Allow us to introduce the “Kitty Bjorn”!

The shelter shared a photo on their Facebook page last Friday, featuring one of their technicians modeling the device. Since then, local sewing enthusiasts have generously offered to create more of these ingenious garments to donate to the cause.

By carrying the kittens in these mesh pouches, they can gradually become accustomed to the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of human life. This way, the little ones can gradually prepare for adoption into loving homes with reduced stress!

An additional benefit is that the staff can keep their hands free and continue with their busy day while the kittens effortlessly join them on their tasks.

According to a comment from the Boston ARL:

“A talented individual crafted these for us without a pattern. Each one is slightly different, with some being aprons and others being slip-on vests. The main requirement is a large mesh ‘pouch’ in the front for inserting the kittens.”

Followers of the Facebook page have offered suggestions and links to assist sewers in modifying existing garments or creating their own Kitten Bjorns from scratch. Gather Here Stitch Lounge in Cambridge even volunteered to host a sewing party to craft an additional 10 harnesses!

An update from ARL Boston, posted on Wednesday, mentioned:

“For all those who have expressed interest in making these—THANK YOU! Stay tuned for another post with detailed measurements, photos, and fabric options (unfortunately, no pattern is available).”

Isn’t it wonderful to witness a community come together to ensure a brighter future for their feral kitten population? Great job, Boston!

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