“NATASHA SLEPT WITH THREE MEN AT THE SAME TIME AND GOT PREGNANT! The adventure cost her dearly because she fell into A BIG problem: I had no idea…”

The confession of Natasha Mekmanus, which she shared on the portal Quora.com, shocked the public. With her experience, this girl showed that she had been very thoughtless, which is why she learned a significant lesson.

Due to her attractiveness and desirability, she embarked on an adventure that many consider unacceptable. Within two months, she had intimate relations with three men at the same time.

In her confession, she said:

“I had no objections to sleeping with all three at the same time, not literally like in group sex. None of them knew that I had two others, so I enjoyed it. I don’t know why, but it turned me on to have multiple men at once. I was only 18 years old. I also don’t understand how they didn’t comprehend what I was doing. Nevertheless, at some point, I became pregnant and had no idea who the father was. I tried to keep them all by telling each of them individually that he was the father of the child. The first one fled at the speed of light, while the second one attacked me because I lied about taking pills. Since I was not working at the time, I could not raise the child alone.”

She added that she had placed most of her hope in the third guy, who came from a well-to-do family and had always told her that he would like to fulfill his role as a father.

“When I told him that I was pregnant, he first asked me if he was the only one I had slept with at that time. I pretended to be angry that he was asking me and I blushed internally, then he told me that he had never had an orgasm with a woman in his life and refused to connect with the story,” Natasha said. She then added how she ended up alone:

“So I ended up alone. I had hit rock bottom. All my friends who had adored me because I was the ‘cool’ girl suddenly disappeared. I had to abort because I could not raise a child without money, job and a flat, and my parents did not want to help me because they knew the life I was leading. Today, I regret my decision, but I was too young. Above all, what helped me was that I had hit rock bottom, recovered from a real-life problem, and experienced real pain. You could say that I matured for a lifetime in just a few days,” concluded Natasha, who over time changed her lifestyle and now works in a small company in Edinburgh and is happily married.

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