Rescued Blind Kittens Prove Their Unbreakable Bond

Caring for seven cats is a lifetime commitment and certainly not an easy job. When it comes to raising kittens with disabilities, the task is even more demanding, requiring serious dedication and care.

Many individuals shy away from adopting kittens with disabilities, fearful of their ability to provide the necessary care. Nicole, featured in the accompanying video, was once amongst these skeptics. However, she felt a deep, inner pull to adopt two disabled kittens, despite her self-doubt.

“I honestly thought I couldn’t do it when I brought them home on the first day,” she confessed.

These adorable ginger boys, christened George and Hamilton, were around four weeks old when she rescued them. Their eyes were severely infected. Fortunately for them, Nicole was determined to help them fight for their lives.

Despite their visual impairment, George and Hamilton have shown that happiness is not contingent on sight. Blind cats typically adapt well to their loss of vision, largely due to their extraordinary senses.

Like other kittens, George and Hamilton were inquisitive and playful, constantly exploring their surroundings. Nicole was impressed by their ability to navigate their environment with ease.

“You would never know that they were blind from their demeanor,” she remarked.

The ginger brothers exhibited an impressive knack for escape, managing to climb their cat tree and descend successfully, despite their blindness. They even made short squeaky noises to announce their descent.

“I was scared that they were going to get hurt. Obviously, I was wrong ‘cause they’re so smart,” Nicole confessed.

The bond between the brothers is heartwarming; they relish each other’s company and have even developed a method of locating each other.

“They do this cute little chirping meow to find each other. I call it echo locating,” Nicole noted.

Unfortunately, when the kittens first arrived, they were too small for proper surgical procedures. However, they later underwent a total of three surgeries, which contributed significantly to their growth and health.

To this day, the brothers remain inseparable, despite their distinct personalities. Nicole describes Hammy as having a heart of gold and being very friendly.

Photo: @nicolemeowfosters

“He wants to be friends with anyone that walks in this house. When we bring new fosters in, he’s immediately their best friend,” she reveals.

George, on the other hand, is the “Golden Retriever of kittens” for Nicole, being extremely affable and playful.

“He wants to play with his toys 24/7,” Nicole mentions.

The commitment of people like Nicole, who give disabled kittens a chance and strive to improve their lives, is genuinely heartening. Interestingly, Nicole considers herself the lucky one for being able to transform the lives of George and Hammy.

Despite their blindness, George and Hammy are full of spirit. Thanks to their caring owner, Nicole, they are well cared for and will continue to make each other’s lives better.

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