Rescued 18-Year-Old Cat Finds Love and a Forever Home

A former owner abandoned an 18-year-old cat on the streets because he could no longer care for her. The scared feline was not used to life on the streets and was fearful of everything.

Recently, an 18-year-old cat named Elka appeared on the streets of San Angelo, USA. Her owner left her on the street as he could no longer care for her. The poor cat had to learn to adapt to life on the streets, which was not easy as she was not used to it. Fortunately, Elka encountered some kind-hearted people on her journey.

When the locals saw her and found out she belonged to a neighbor, they immediately decided to help the cat. Elka was clearly scared of everything around her, making her very stressed. The people reported the cat to Hands of Mercy, who agreed to take her in. Elka was taken in by a volunteer named Brenda, who was immediately interested in the story of the abandoned cat.

At the shelter, staff examined Elka and found some health issues, but despite this, the cat was in good spirits, showing affection to everyone and seeking attention. Her health began to improve, and she thanked the staff every day.

Later on, Brenda gifted the cat a collar, and Elka reacted sweetly to the gift. “She watched me put collars on the other cats and I decided to give her one. Elka seemed delighted with the collar. She seemed to be thinking, ‘Wow, someone loves me. I have a home again,’ ” said Brenda.

After a few weeks, Brenda fell so in love with this creature that she decided to take Elka home with her! There, she continued the cat’s treatment and showed her what true love is, and Elka reciprocated her love. Thank you for rescuing her!

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