Fisherman feeds large group of bald eagles and can’t believe what he sees when he looks to the left.

Have you ever experienced the thrill of feeding a group of pigeons or seagulls? These feathered friends can be quite greedy and persistent, with seagulls even snatching snacks directly from tourists’ hands. And yet, in this unique video from a fisherman in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, we see a different side of birds of prey.

As the fisherman tosses handfuls of shrimp onto the deck, we witness bald eagles displaying their polite and patient demeanor. These impressive animals, with a weight range of 3-6 kg and wingspan of 1.8-2.4 meters, hop around the deck and take turns collecting the shrimp, ensuring that everyone gets a share. Surprisingly, more eagles can be seen perched on the railing and mast, patiently waiting their turn.

Despite not having enough shrimp to go around, the other eagles hold no grudge against the fisherman. Perhaps they had already managed to get some snacks from his catch, as all the animals seemed well-fed.

Do you have a similar story of feeding animals in your neighborhood? Would you remain as calm as this fisherman while feeding a group of birds of prey? Share your unique experiences in the comments and spread the joy by sharing this video with your friends.

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