People noticed a small lump crawling on the street and rushed to his aid

The poor kitten cried and needed help.

When people discovered this little kitten on the street, it was starving. It barely moved, crawled laboriously on the floor, cried, and required help.

On a cold, rainy day in South Carolina, a passerby noticed a tiny kitten on the street. It was a little kitten – it could hardly move, cried, and required help. A few caring people came by and immediately decided to take the kitten to the local shelter.

Due to his critical condition, he was urgently taken to a foster home, where his recovery was taken care of. It was still too small to drink from a bottle.

Fortunately, the care and love of the nurse paid off. The next day, the kitten felt better. Despite its tininess, it proved to be a true fighter. The kitten, which was named Yuki, soon began to eat more and more. His appetite grew, and at the same time, he increased.

After each feeding, Yuki always spent time with his caregiver – he was very affectionate. Around the same time Yuki was rescued, the volunteer took in another kitten named Hiro. She only introduced the two once they had recovered, but it was only a short time before they met for the first time.

When the two kittens met, they seemed to be brothers! They immediately started playing with each other, “fighting” and having fun. That’s how they grew up and spent all their time together. They started together from a plate.

Currently, the kittens are still growing up in a foster family, but soon a new home will be found for them. Thank you for the rescue!

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