A cat is found frozen to death on a stranger’s porch one winter day – the man has no hope until he sees its paw

Winter can be disastrous for all stray animals that do not have their own warm home. A shocking video of the rescue of a frostbitten cat was posted on the Youtube channel “family agree on time”.

On that freezing day in 2015, when the temperature dropped to as low as -18 °C, a man quite by chance saw a cat on the porch of an abandoned house, looking completely lifeless.

The man immediately went up to the almost frozen cat to check if it was still alive. This man came at the last moment!

He took the cat in his hands and brought it home. The cat looked completely lifeless, its body was frozen and exhausted, and it could barely move its paw.

The man had hope that he could do something for her, so he fought to the end. This man, a teacher at a school, is a great lover of animals, and rescuing this frozen cat was a great challenge for him.

The man first ran a warm bath in which he placed the cat. With vigorous movements, he massaged her body to warm her up. He did not stop encouraging her constantly, and he did his best to encourage her to fight for survival.

After he bathed her, the cat looked much better, which gave the man hope that there was a chance for the cat to survive.

He wrapped her in a warm blanket and gave her some water.

The cat gave a faint “meow” of gratitude for the first time.

After almost six hours since the rescue, the cat was visibly better. She even managed to stand on her feet and walk around the warm house a bit.

The man named her after the ice queen from Frozen – Elsa.

Elsa was soon taken to the veterinary clinic to make sure she was doing excellent. And all the tests were good; brave Elsa was healthy.

At the end of this cute video, we wonder how little it takes to do something for someone, and that that little bit can save their life. There is no better work for a human being than to save the lives of those who cannot take care of themselves.

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