Never-before-seen pictures of Princess Diana

People around the world fell in love with Princess Diana, the revered woman of her era. We invite you to take a trip down memory lane as we explore some unusual and fascinating images that provide a deeper insight into her remarkable life. These are the kinds of moments that will make you smile and feel good.

In this picture, Diana is on a skiing trip to Austria with her children, Harry and William. This photo was taken shortly after Harry’s ninth birthday. He is adorable, and the whole family looks stunning!

Diana was often referred to as “The People’s Princess.” She was involved in numerous humanitarian projects, setting a good example of how a kind and loving person should act. Princess Diana is seen here visiting an orthopedic workshop in Luanda, Angola, and sitting with landmine victims.

We could go on endlessly about Diana’s wonderful photos. This one was taken in 1971 while she was on vacation in Itchenor, West Sussex.

This photo was taken outside Diana’s flat in Coleherne Court, London, before her engagement to Charles.

Harry is pictured here sticking out his tongue to the crowd gathering around Buckingham Palace. Diana seemed to be taken aback.

Barbour is still a popular royal apparel brand, and Princess Diana may have worn it best. Diana loved Barbour, and her journey to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland in 1985 was the ideal occasion to wear her Barbour-style waxed cotton jacket.

Jayne Fincher, a royal photographer who captured some of Princess Diana’s most memorable images, followed the royal couple everywhere they went. She had rented a jet to travel to the Outer Hebrides, where Charles and Diana had official engagements. “When I caught up,” says Fincher, “Charles said, ‘Where have you been?'” The Outer Hebrides are subject to extremes of wind and rain, which Princess Diana experienced during her visit there in 1985. But she looks great in the images from the trip, and photographer Jayne noticed something after going over the negatives. “You don’t see Diana dressed like that very often. She looked so happy. It was pouring rain, but her makeup was perfect and unsmudged. I looked a mess, as usual,” she said.

The photo below was taken during Diana’s last summer alive. She is seen with her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed on a boat in St. Tropez, France, jumping into the water. Diana will be remembered as a truly great and loving human being.

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