Grandson becomes grandmother’s permanent carer because he refuses to send her to a nursing home.

The young man has garnered admiration from the internet due to his decision to care for his 96-year-old grandmother, Lola, full-time. Chris Punsalan has given priority to caregiving as he is deeply committed to repaying the woman who once took care of him.

Whatever he does, he does it with a big smile on his face.

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Chris Punsalan is a young man who brings creativity and passion to everything he does. Whether playing the guitar or sharing snippets of his day on social media, there is a sense of joy and authenticity that shines in all his efforts. Yet, for those who know him, there is something even more extraordinary about Punsalan – something that has become an indelible part of his identity, both on screen and beyond.

In recent years, Punsalan has been on a journey of love and selflessness. With unwavering dedication and an unbreakable bond, he has taken on the role of a full-time caregiver for someone truly exceptional – a person who has captured his heart and become the center of his world: his 96-year-old grandmother. Since 2014, he has regularly shared photos and videos with his beloved Lola.

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Although he is at an age where most aspire to a carefree and lively lifestyle, Punsalan’s heart beats to a different rhythm. Instead of chasing the usual excitements of youth, such as friendship, romance, and personal ambitions, he has chosen a different path – one of dedication to family.

From his earliest days, Punsalan’s grandmother has been a constant source of love and support. Now, as she enters her golden years and needs him the most, Punsalan reciprocates this favor with unwavering dedication and tenderness. While sharing their precious moments on social media, he brings a ray of sunshine into the lives of his followers, offering a much-needed escape from the heaviness of the world.

“All the others were working, and I would rather just take care of my grandma because she took care of me [since my childhood], and I don’t want to see her in home care,” explained Punsalan.

It’s all about love.

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Thanks to Punsalan’s tireless efforts and unconditional love, his grandmother can spend her golden years in the comfort of her own home, surrounded by people and memories she cherishes the most.

From tender hugs and kisses to practical caregiving tips, Punsalan has gone above and beyond to ensure that every need of his grandmother is met with love and compassion. As he shares his journey on social media, he inspires others to do the same, proving that even in the darkest times, love and kindness can still brighten the way.

And after a few years, he went viral.

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In 2019, Punsalan’s video depicting his life as a caregiver went viral, showcasing his deep affection for his grandmother. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response, he began sharing more content, including a video celebrating her ninetieth birthday. Their relationship is rooted in their shared Filipino heritage and his grandmother’s 20-year teaching career.

Punsalan’s touching videos have inspired countless internet users to follow his example as a dedicated caregiver. As his grandmother’s health declined, Punsalan was determined to provide her with the love and support she needed. Though it was not easy to witness his once strong grandmother become fragile and dependent, Punsalan embraced the challenge and became her primary caregiver without hesitation.

He shows that love conquers every obstacle.

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Despite initial challenges, Punsalan has adapted well to his role as a caregiver and has grown to love his job. His grateful and loving grandmother has made this even more rewarding, as she always finds time to express gratitude to others for their kindness.

“She can’t move and is bedridden. But because she is extremely grateful even for the smallest things in life, it makes her life even more valuable,” said Punsalan.

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