“Neighborhood Discovers Woman’s Cat as Shoe Thief Extraordinaire”

Jordan has been bringing gifts to his mother, Bj Ross, for years. The feline wanders around at night and returns home with presents for his beloved owner. Although Ross doesn’t appreciate finding unexpected animals in her kitchen, she understands that Jordan does it out of love and that it has become his ritual.

Recently, Ross noticed an unusual number of shoes appearing in her yard. She initially disregarded them and threw them away until she realized that they were Jordan’s latest gifts. Jordan’s latest hobby is prowling the neighborhood in Altoona, Pennsylvania, looking for shoes that people have left outside and taking them to his mother. Jordan brings home one to three shoes each night and always goes back to retrieve the matching set.

Ross has acquired a large collection of items that don’t belong to her and started a Facebook group for Jordan, hoping that her neighbors would learn about his theft and retrieve their lost possessions. Ross also purchased a GPS tracker and outdoor camera to keep an eye on Jordan’s nightly activities. She now has video evidence of Jordan triumphantly bringing home his gifts.

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