Her cruel owner threw her out on the street because she was born without front legs!

The little Chihuahua was thrown out on the street by his owner after he discovered that she was born without front legs. Help was waiting in a small cardboard box. The little cardboard box was full of fear, but also full of hope that a good person would find her and take care of her. For days she lay in the cardboard box, soaked by the rain, shivering from the winter and calling for help with her soft voice. The streets of San Francisco are always crowded, but few want to take care of a small dog. Mostly the same thing bothered them as her owner, they grimaced in horror and then put her back in the box.
Only one good-natured young man decided to take care of her. He did not care about her handicap. He decided to help her and took her to the local animal welfare centre.

The staff of this centre immediately told him that the puppy’s chances of survival were slim, but the young man did not give up. He believed in her. And he was right. After only a few days, her condition improved drastically. After they had administered first aid with much care and love, the little puppy was much better.

She suddenly became a lively and happy puppy. As if she did not have her handicap and as if she had not survived all the horrors of the street and the rejection. She won everyone’s hearts very quickly. Everyone loved her. They were delighted by her brave and lively nature, as if she was just like all the other puppies. The staff provided special conditions for her, they even provided her with a wheelchair!
You can see her first ride in the next video!

Despite the falls and stumbles, the little puppy got back up and kept going.
A great champion, because each of us can learn a lot!

We also received notification from the SPCA that one of this wonderful dog’s guardians has decided to adopt her for good! This was truly wonderful news.

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