A policeman finds a stuck bear and risks his life to save it!

You’ve probably heard of “White Mountain” National Park, which is home to about 5,000 bears. It is located in New Hampshire. This park is an idyllic place where tourists love to come to enjoy the beauty of nature.
One day, Trooper Thomas Owans was routinely patrolling in his patrol car because he does this every day. The scene he saw, however, was not an everyday one. He stopped his car to see exactly what it was. The mother bear was crossing the road with her little bears, back and forth. Her 4 cubs also went along with the big mother bear.

The mother bear tried persistently to return to one of her cubs to motivate him to continue with the others. However, to no avail. One of her cubs was very weak. The little cub kept withdrawing. This was really dangerous for him. His mother tried persistently to move him forward, but was not successful. Finally, she just left him there and went further into the forest with the others.

The cub simply no longer had the strength to go on.
Owans, who is otherwise a very humane man who helps animals, and when he is not in a work place, he could not allow the little pup to stay there. He called it “New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife”.
They quickly responded to the call and determined that the puppy needed to be taken to a rehabilitation centre, he needed a lot of care and treatment.

Owans worried that his mother would return, hoping to find him, but the animal world is much crueler. When the mother realises that her cub is sick, she rejects it. Owans knew that if they did not take it to a rehabilitation clinic, it would surely die. It was too small and too weak to fight alone to survive.
Fortunately, the rescue service arrived in time and the cub received proper help.

They said the cub had received proper treatment and they were sure it would return to the forest very soon and join the rest of its family.

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