He is 70, and she is 28 years old: They met online and enjoy their love.

Dave and Jackie met in the Philippines and went on several dates before she relocated to America with him. Their relationship often faces judgment from society, with claims that she’s with him only for his money.

However, she refutes all these allegations with numerous TikTok videos expressing her love for Dave. In one of these videos, she wrote about how incredibly happy she is to have him in her life.

Publicly Displaying Love on TikTok Despite a significant age gap of 42 years, this couple openly showcases their love on their TikTok profile, where they have amassed over 50,000 followers. Alongside the negative comments, there are supporters who encourage their relationship.

Many followers have written about how she is in good hands and how the two of them motivate others. Jackie has stated that she is grateful for Dave taking care of her. Despite many labeling her as a gold digger, she continues to express and prove her love, contradicting these claims, as reported by 24sata.

Opinions on this story are divided, with some considering it a bizarre situation, while others assert that love knows no age and that age is just a number.

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