Donkey loves sitting in lap while being serenaded

Ivy, a charming donkey, made her debut on the farm of Dawn and Dean, where her affinity for music quickly became evident. It all started when Dean, the farm’s owner, decided to serenade the donkey in her pasture. The magic truly unfolded when the first foal arrived, requiring comfort and reassurance. Dean would cradle the young donkey in his arms and sing soothing melodies to ease its anxiety. To everyone’s surprise, the donkey not only responded positively but also seemed to thoroughly enjoy the musical interlude. From that day forward, Dean adopted the tradition of serenading all their rescue donkeys.

Now, when Dean cradles Ivy and sings to her, the donkey mirrors the same joyous reaction that Dean and Dawn’s other rescued donkeys have exhibited over the years. It’s a heartwarming testament to the power of music in forging connections and bringing comfort to these gentle, sentient beings.

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