He grew up in fear of people with deformities, despite that he found his happiness

If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet this unusual, but very loving and friendly German Shepherd, we would like to introduce him to you. This wonderful dog was born with a rare syndrome, the “short spine syndrome”. In fact, he is one of only 15 dogs of this type in the world! His name is Quasimodo and he is a big star on the internet! For his mother, he is her favourite puppy and if she could speak, she would tell us that he is certainly very different from other children.
He was found with his mother and some other siblings as a stray dog in Kentucky. At first, Quasimodo was very fearful and mistrustful. After finding the warm home of a kind man named Rachel, his personality came out, he showed love and that underneath the mask of fear was a wonderful and sensitive being.
In fact, Mr Rachel founded a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing animals and Quasimodo was taken in by this organisation and received all the care he needed.
It really is impossible not to love this dog, regardless of the physical differences and the fact that he does some things differently, he has managed to win our hearts!
Take a look at some of the latest pictures:

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